NMABA’s mission shall be to promote and advance the analytical science of behavior, its associated technologies, and its application within the state of New Mexico. Specifically, the organization shall:

a) Serve as a scientific and professional reference group for all in the State of New Mexico who identify themselves as scientists or practitioners in disciplines that embrace the principles and practices of behavior analysis

b) Promote research that will advance understanding of human and non-human behavior

c) Identify and promote the use of effective and humane behavioral procedures in meeting the educational and supportive needs of persons with and without disabilities within the State of New Mexico

d) Advise political, legislative, and policy-making bodies with respect to matters pertaining to behavior analysis in the State of New Mexico

e) Organize and sponsor an annual convention that shall serve as a forum for the presentation of basic and applied, scientific and technological achievements as well as for discussion of the affairs of the organization

f) Provide a framework for sharing of information and support of partnerships amongst educational and therapeutic providers, consumers, and families interested in ethical behavior analytic research, services, and interventions.